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For a democratic and inclusive Leiden University

Representing students in the faculty councils and university council since 2008


At LVS we are there for every student, and so we want to build towards a more inclusive university.


Big institutions like the university should support students and staff to live more sustainably.


As a student party we want to make sure the wellbeing of students is taken seriously!

17-20 April

The elections were a staggering succes! Having again gained seats this year, we’re still the biggest party with now 16 seats across all 7 faculties. All thanks to all the candidates and voters. Thank you for contributing to a more inclusive, progressive, and caring Leiden University.


As a student party LVS represents the students in the faculty councils. We do this through our council members, who are elected every year during the elections. Of course, we don’t stop there! We believe that students should have every opportunity to be involved with co-participation. If you’re not a council member, you can still be involved through our policy committee or other fun activities!

Anything is possible at LVS!

Photograph of a canal in Leiden


Anyone can become a member of LVS. As a member you are invited to our activities and you can discuss your ideas at the General Assemblies

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Policy Committee

For members who want to be active in improving the universities we have the policy committee. Work together with others on the party program, or assist the council members with their work

Screenshot of Council Members in a Teams meeting

Council Members

You want a little more action? Join us in the elections, win a seat at your council and actively engage with university politics!


We’re here to answer all your question! Check out the FAQ below. Don’t hesitate to contact us or shoot us a message!

Students are represented within many decision-making processes in every university in the Netherlands. This usually happens through councils, these are allowed to give advice and participate in decision-making processes. That happens on several levels, at Leiden Uni this is happens at a central, faculty and institute/programme level. At the central level, the university council advises the executive board, the faculty council advises the faculty board and the programme committee advises the institute/programme board. Representatives on all levels are chosen through elections every year, for the faculty and university councils this involves student parties. As a student party, LVS makes the candidate lists and supports their candidates in the councils. 

There are many ways you can help improve the university. As a start, through our WhatsApp groups you can share your experiences and ideas for the university. Council members can pick those ideas up and share them within their council and with their faculty board or with the executive board. If you want to be more involved, you can join the policy committee, translation committee or the social media team. The policy committee is a great way to support the council members in their work by advising them, and you get to work on the party program! If you’re really committed, you can apply to candidacy for the elections every year! During the elections we need all the help we can get, so you can also join the campaign and try to get students to vote.

In short: LVS stands for Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten. Which means  the party for progressive students. We stand for inclusivity, and we believe that every student should be represented somehow in co-participation. We know that there isn’t just one type of student, so we work hard to make our candidate lists as diverse as possible. Diverse when it comes to study programmes, but of course also gender, ethnicity, religion and nationality. To be able to do so, we have a policy committee that focuses on a diverse range of topics: from inclusivity to sustainability and internationalisation. 

uip ex ea commodo consequat.

Fill in the contact form here, and the board will get into contact with you. They’ll send you a membership form!

Because we make it happen! Other parties might talk about similar issues, but we are ready to do the work. Our candidates  represent a diversity of Leiden University students that you won’t find anywhere else. Our 110+ members come from all the seven faculties, which makes it possible for us to play close attention to the experiences and needs of the students we represent. We’re committed to changing the university for the better, and we welcome all the help we can get! Together we can make a difference through co-participation, whether it is directly through the councils or indirectly through our policy committee. 

No, you contribute the time and energy that you have. Active members are very much welcome, but we feel that everyone should be welcome, regardless of how much time they have for LVS. You can still share your opinions in the WhatsApp groups, or check-in from time to time at the General Assemblies.

Anything you like! We have several options, you can become a member of the policy committee, the translation committee, the social media team or apply for candidacy for the faculty/university council. You can also apply to become a board member!

You can apply from November until April. You have to let the board know you are interested in becoming a candidate during the elections. They will get into contact with you and discuss your availability during the elections and during the council year.


We think you can make a difference!

There are many ways you can make a difference within the university. Become part of the policy committee, support the campaign or join the candidate list!

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