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Meet our council members!

As a co-participation party we make up the list for the elections. During the elections councillors for both the faculty and the university councils are elected. The elections take place every year, during the previous elections we won 13 seats in total. You can see our councillors listed below.

University Council

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-18 at 00.49.28 copy

Rassoul Coelen

Faculty Humanities

Lina vierkant

Lina de Los Rios Torres

Jeppe vierkant

Jeppe Brandinga

Fons vierkant

Fons van de Wetering

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-12 at 11.28.31 copy

Jamie Bick


Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

Can vierkant

Canali Korkmaz

Liza vierkant

Liza Koppes

​Faculty of Science

Jenny vierkant

Jenny Lam

Stian vierkant

Stian Vermaas

​Faculty of Social Science


Claire van den Helder


Armando vierkant

Armando Noordzij

Faculty of Archaeology

Wicher vierkant

Wicher Verlage

Faculty of Law

Lisa vierkant

Lisa Maxime Knoch

What do we do?

What do our council members do exactly? Every council meets with their board regularly. Together they set up the agenda, which usually consists topics and decisions that come back annually, and items raised by the council. Some items require advice, others are just to inform the board, and on occasion the council can vote on decisions or plans.